Clerks Award Flexibility During Outbreak of Coronavirus

Apr 3, 2020 | Payroll

The Fair Work Commission has decided to vary the Clerks Award in order to provide better award flexibility during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) health crisis. This determination will see a temporary new Schedule inserted that will apply from an employee’s first full pay period on or after 28 March 2020 and until 30 June 2020. The Fair Work Commission may also extend the operation of Schedule I beyond this date, if necessary.

Temporary Changes

Schedule I adds award flexibility during the coronavirus outbreak for:
  • employees’ classifications and duties
  • minimum engagement/pay for part-time and casual employees
  • span of hours changes while working at home
  • full-time and part-time employees’ hours of work
  • directions to take annual leave

Please click here for more information on the changes that apply under this new Schedule, and what they mean for employers and employees covered by the Clerks Award.